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"Ask Dr. Chakras" -- the e-book

From the original site's guestbook and reader survey responses (everything referred to as "the site" will NOW be found in the book)...

"Your site is excellent and informative.  I doubt if there is another anything like it elsewhere. Thanks, Doc." -- John W, Pennsylvania

"Nice site. Very well done!" -- "Ic", Ohio

"Your explanations are excellent and easy to understand." -- Michele, Florida

"This site is the most informative site I've found so far." -- Samantha L, Atlanta GA

"Your site is very interesting. I have learned a lot." -- Debbie

"When the student is ready the Master appears!! Thank You!" -- Tommy C, Ireland

"Thank you for creating this.  People need to know who they are and be aware what they are doing. I am from Russia. I am hungry for this sort of information." -- Raissa T

"Thank you for sharing your gifts of unconditional love and understanding, you have touched my heart and many others...there will be many more." -- Sandy, New South Wales, Australia

"I found your site VERY INFORMATIVE!" -- Diane G, Atlanta GA

"This site is amazing!" -- Joyce, Midwest USA

"The best site I have found on CHAKRAS." -- John W, Pennsylvania

"This is a wonderful experience. I am awe-struck. This site offers much-needed wisdom and compassion which will surely be a blessing to many." -- Judy L, Nairobi, Kenya

"The information I have read here is wonderful. I have copied many of the questions and answers to read over again and to share with friends." -- Gail, Southwest USA

"Your site is simply wonderful. It's very refreshing. I thank you for having created it and think your opinions are wonderful!" -- Claudette, ME

"You site is honest and comes from love with a scientific twist in it I find refreshing." -- Vito R, New York City

"I like this site because it addresses interactions in relationships and organizations." -- Alan

"Funny guy. Sense of humor appreciated." -- NJ, Tennessee

"I'm very impressed! Thank you for sharing yourself." -- Donya, Ohio

"You give a deeper and more understanding explanation. Your writing is from the heart, not just knowledge." -- Sandy M

"I would not buy the book -- not because I wouldn't appreciate its contents but because I cannot afford it :)" -- anonymous (actual comment)

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