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"Ask Dr. Chakras" -- the e-book

Most of this e-book's content has been free to anyone with an Internet connection since this site debuted in July, 2000.  Making it downloadable provided an ideal opportunity to revise the material, enhance its appeal and increase readership while reducing the web site's size, all at the same time.  So, even though I probably could (and some might say should), I don't plan to start charging for it now.  Since Day One, I've intended this work to be my gift to the world.  It's about making a difference — not seeking fortune and fame.

But make no mistake... this is a meticulously-crafted, full-length book of original writings that have been favorably compared to those of some of today's best known, best-selling authorities in the fields of personal development and human potential. If mainstream published, it would easily retail for between $14.95 and $19.95.

The unlimited free distribution of this work is also an experiment in what I'm calling "M3 (3rd Millennium) Economics Consciousness".  As fully explained in the book, it's an opportunity to demonstrate the possibility of doing things a whole new way on a massive scale.

Rest assured that IN NO CASE are there any hidden tricks, traps, "strings", costs or other "sinister" motives attached in any way to this offer.*  There's no obligation.  You aren't even required to provide (gasp!) an email address!

*This file is NOT insidiously designed to extract information from your computer, spread viruses or wreak any other kind of malicious havoc! There really is no "catch"! You have my solemn word.

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