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"Ask Dr. Chakras" -- the e-book



  1. Relationships

  2. Work & Wealth

  3. Health & Vitality

  4. Reality & Divinity



  1. Developing Paranormal Abilities

  2. Evolved Appearance & Behavior

  3. Forms & Effects of Bad Language

  4. Adoption-related Issues

  5. Inexplicable Physical Maladies

  6. The Influence of Heavenly Bodies

  7. Overcoming Useless Worry

  8. This Teacher's Authenticity

  9. Why Some Return

  10. Belief System Relativity

  11. Creating Our Own Realities

  12. A Practical Plan for Spiritual Growth

  13. Steps Toward Self-healing

  14. Myths & Merits of Monogamy

  15. Chakras & Kundalini

  16. Why Some Self-destruct

  17. Dangerous Practices

  18. Aspects of Negative Energy

  19. Releasing Negative Emotions

  20. The Magic of Hearing & Being Heard

  21. Chakra Therapy

  22. Mid-life Crisis Complications

  23. Fatherly Advice for a Young Seeker

  24. Unconditional Forgiveness

  25. "Controlling" Relationships

  26. Reefer Madness

  27. Relationship Jitters

  28. Rock the Chakras

  29. Meditation Anxiety

  30. The Nature of "Good" vs. "Evil"



  1. About the Chakras

  2. The Hidden Meaning of the Caduceus

  3. Inner Peace

  4. ADC Helpdesk: Installing LOVE

AFTERWORD – About this e-book



109 total pages...
over 38,000 words

Delivered from a uniquely enlightened perspective with a minimum of esoteric gobbledygook and an occasional touch of wry humor, the all-original writings found in "Ask Dr. Chakras" have been favorably compared to those of Gary Zukav, Neale Donald Walsch, James Redfield, John Gray, Marianne Williamson, Deepak Chopra, Carolyn Myss, Wayne Dyer and other popular authorities in the ever-expanding fields of personal development and human potential.


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